Why Your Oils Matter

What is the difference in seed oils versus olive oil? We recently posted about the benefits of olive oil in everyday use as well as in a healthy diet. Additionally, we touched on the differences in the various olive oils available on the market today. What we did not explore in depth, was the total variety of oils including seed oils.

Seed oils versus olive oil

For instance, seed oils are some of the most inflammatory and harmful oils made available for ingestion. These oils are processed at extreme temperatures that the risks outweigh any benefits. Most importantly, these oils are at a greater probability of rot and becoming rancid without a person realizing. Moreover, seed oils stored in plastic bottles for lengths of time will deteriorate and the quality degrades. Subsequently, the oils are susceptible to light damage, heat damage, the plastic leeches into the product. Thus causing the oil to become rancid and harmful at an alarming rate. Of note, because these oils are so heavily refined, the odor and color are virtually eliminated which can make these oils even more detrimental to ones health.

listen to the experts

Watch and listen in as Max Lugavere shares his knowledge and insight regarding the benefits of pure, authentic, high quality, premium olive oil. Importantly, listen to how he explains how these oils are stored and how premium olive oil is truly liquid gold and stored in glass bottles. In the same vein that Oviedo Olive Oil stores, sells, and distributes their extra virgin olive oil in glass bottles and glass containers. At Oviedo Olive Oil, we strive to bring you the highest quality, premium olive oil grown, made and sold in the United States. Above all, we know the importance of knowing the origination and ingredients of our products from seed to seal. We know our farmer, the facility, our distributor and the handling. In short, our product is truly a farm to table product with the highest standards or quality, taste, and flavor. But don’t just take our word for it, order a bottle to try it out yourself.

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