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About Us – How Oviedo Olive Oil came to be

After years of seeking quality infused olive oil to have in my own kitchen, and sometimes, waiting months, to have my order delivered, I decided to find another way to keep my kitchen stocked with my favorite infused olive oils and infused vinegars. A little bit about us – well, myself – I am Karie Herring, co-founder and President of Oviedo Olive Oil. I cook…A LOT, so having a variety of flavors and quality ingredients is imperative to keeping my recipes fresh, my family happy, and exposing my children to the beauty and depth that comes with food.

The majority of today’s “boutique” olive oil shops are supplied by a large food distributor, which is wonderful, but that isn’t what resonated with who we are as a family and a business. I researched the finest farms, purveyors and distributors of quality olive oil. So we partnered with a family owned farm in the heart of the Sacramento Valley, who offer a mono-varietal olive oil that is clean, pure, organic and made in America. While most folks attribute quality olive oil to Italy or as an import, most store bought (import) olive oil and even boutique olive oil are a blend of a variety of olives or worse. Worse means that these oils tend to be tainted with other lower quality filler oils like: canola, safflower, sunflower, rapeseed, etc. Our olive oils smell fruity, fresh, earthy, and have that calming scent often experienced from smelling fresh cut grass. This is what makes our olive oil truly premium,  the exception to most commercial olive oils and sealed the deal with our farm/distributor for our olive oils.

My passion for clean, quality food ingredients such as olive oils and balsamic vinegar is why we founded Oviedo Olive Oil. We hope you love our products as much as we do and continue to share in our passion for delicious food. Shoot us a text, email, or call us with any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Keep an eye out on our Specials page to see our upcoming events. As always, you can find us inside Rustic Journey’s at the Winter Springs Town Center, My Oviedo Store in downtown Oviedo or shop online.

about us, Oviedo Olive Oil

about us

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The Variety of our Varietals

There’s Always Something New to Try

Trendy, seasonal items will always leave you wanting. That’s why we have chosen only the best California Extra Virgin Olive Oil to stock our shelves. Grown in the heart of the Sacramento valley, rich in volcanic soil and ripe with a strong citrus heritage that directly influences the taste and flavor of our olive oils. Instead of using internationally-grown and shipped olive oils, that are often imitated, counterfeited and mislabeled with a dirty mix of canola, soy and other vegetable oil varieties. Grown, crafted and made in the USA means that you know the authenticity of your olive oil.

The smorgasbord of offerings with our infused extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar’s allow foodies to taste a variety of varietals that all compliment the other and any dish they dress.

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The Finest in Artisan Foods

A taste of Europe, Right in Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking to spice up your cuisine or create a meal just as it’s meant to be, the Oviedo Olive Oil Co. offers the freshest ingredients for your culinary delight. We can create the perfect experience for you in the kitchen by offering a wide variety of olive oils, vinegar’s, spices, jams, marinades, mustard’s and dessert sauces.

A little about us, we are located in the heart of Oviedo, Florida, home to the famous Oviedo chickens and the former celery farms founded by the original homesteaders – our city is the perfect home for these all natural food choices. You can shop us locally in historic downtown Oviedo at the MyOviedoStore.

Whatever your taste buds are craving we have an assortment of pantry stable and delectable perishable items to tickle your fancy.

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