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The best California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At Oviedo Olive Oil, we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality products from farm to table; the olives are pressed within an hour of harvest to lock in freshness and flavor. You’ll appreciate good food with our exceptional oils.

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Our vinegars are imported from Modena, Italy and infused with locally sourced produce. From figs to our traditional dark balsamic, to the rich and tantalizing flavors of hickory smoke, chocolate and maple creating sophistication in cheese boards, desserts or cocktails.


Cure, create flavour, or spice up your dishes with our variety of Artisan rubs, herbs and seasonings. Surprise your senses by sprinkling these on your favorite dessert, rimming your glass for margarita night, or enhance your favorite protein and grilled vegetable.


Bring restaurant style dinners, desserts, soups, sides and snacks right to your home! Our global sauces, spreads, jams, jellies, at-home baking kits, and snack essentials (like our fresh California olives) are sure to wow and make you seem like a world class chef.

Our Commitment to You

The staff at Oviedo Olive Oil is highly trained and deeply dedicated to making sure you have a great experience. We all want to ensure you enjoy coming to shop with us. Our focus is on sourcing the best oils, vinegar’s, sauces, tapenade’s and spices for your culinary adventures. If there’s ever a problem with any of our products we want to know about it right away, so we can guarantee your satisfaction and make the proper adjustments.

The Oviedo Olive Oil customers are considered valued members of our family in the community. Come see us for a tasting, demonstration, or new recipe ideas for your next meal, dinner party, or just because. Experience the level of care and compassion Oviedo Olive Oil can provide in your home kitchen.




This Week’s Featurette

arbequina, mild olive oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil


The oil of the week is the earthy, fresh cut grass, peppery smooth goodness that is the Arbequina variety olive. This rich and clean olive oil is beautiful to all of your senses and the base to all of our infused extra virgin olive oils. A very mild and decadent oil that is perfect for your everyday cooking.