Infused olive oils and vinegars are an exceptional way to liven any meal, appetizer, snack, or party event. Infused olive oils and vinegars also make a wonderful gift for any foodie! The question remains, how can I use infused olive oils and vinegars other than for dressings?

Infused Vinegars for Desserts

When thinking of dessert options, vinegar doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Infused balsamic vinegars however, have a very rich, thick, tangy and sweet consistency that mimics dessert sauces like chocolate or caramel sauce. The blend of flavor that balsamic vinegar brings is sure to entice the senses of even the biggest skeptic.

Next time you scoop some ice cream, reach for infused balsamic vinegar as a option. Flavors like Raspberry, Chocolate, and Peach add just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness so as not to overwhelm and the calorie count is easy on the waistline when making an indulgence. Fresh fruit can be sweetened up through macerating (a fancy way of saying soaking) in your choice of vinegar flavor. Turn your boring yogurt into a conversation piece by drizzling your favorite infused vinegar, really step up your health game by adding some healthy fats with a drizzle of our infused olive oils for a decadent treat.

Infused Olive Oils for Desserts

Olive oil is also not synonymous when thinking of desserts, however, this healthy fat will satisfy a few cravings. Drizzle over fresh fruit for a twist over using empty calorie, high processed condiments. Mix with one of the infused balsamic vinegars for a whole different approach to snacking!

Infused Olive Oils and Vinegars for dressings

The most obvious way to dress up those leafy greens and vegetables is with the unlimited option of blending your choice of oil, vinegar, and spices. Oviedo Olive Oil offers a wide array of all three so you can make the most basic vinaigrette to the most exotic to showcase your culinary prowess.

Here’s a simple dressing option using our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Traditional Style Balsamic Vinegar and choice of Applewood Smoked Sea Salt for the right amount of sweet, peppery, and tangy.

Sea Salt

  • 3 Tbsp Arbequina EVOO
  • 2 Tbsp Traditional BV
  • 1/4 tsp Applewood Sea Salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper (fine ground)


Infused Vinegars and olive oils for appetizers

How can oils and vinegars be used for appetizers? Think of any great Italian restaurant and dollars to donuts they have a dipping plate of their stock olive oil and herbs for slathering those delicious, crusty, French baguettes into the liquid gold. A simple yet delicious appetizer for even the pickiest eater. Infused olive oils and vinegars can even be used to for snacking on veggies, fruit, cheese, you name it, the options are endless!

Some fine cheeses that may be a bit too bitter and salty for the palette, like a Peccorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano are fabulous with a drizzle of one of our fruit infused olive oils. For more zesty soft cheeses like a mozzarella or chevre, the sky is the limit as these generally simple flavor cheeses absorb the fusion of the oil like a sponge setting off your taste buds like fireworks.

Infused Vinegars and olive Oils for Marinades

Our resident chef, part-time pit boss, and Oviedo Olive Oil founder, Karie, knows her way around a grill, smoker and a well seasoned cast iron pan. For the perfect beef, chicken, pork or fish a marinade can be a way to inject your meat with loads of flavor, tenderness and moisture. Lean meats and fish often turn out overcooked, are dry and lifeless, but a simple marinade can make even the worst cook into a proper Sous Chef. Vinegars work like citrus in a marinade the way it breaks down the meat, almost pre-cooking, and mainlining juiciness and sensation into the dish before you’ve even begun adding heat.

A marinade we love for beef adds all the right touches and creates a mouth melting experience, it has salt, fat, acid and heat!

Marinated Beef


Infused vinegars for glazes

Many glaze recipes call for added sugar and sweeteners, this gives it some added depth and flavor. Our infused balsamic vinegars already have all the depth and flavor needed to create a wow experience for your dishes. Simply place the balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan and heat slowly, the vinegar will begin to bubble as it heats, stir slowly and then reduce and remove from heat. Drizzle along dried fruits, meats, fish, cakes and so much more. Try a balsamic glaze for your next Sunday morning pancakes.

Infused olive oils and vinegars for grilling

Just as we mentioned marinades, oils and vinegars are a fantastic binder for grilling and barbecue. Want to crush your Boston Butt to make sliders for that college football game? Try rubbing it down with one of our oils and the Hickory Smoked Balsamic. Need some pickled red onions as a topper but short on time, try our White Peach Balsamic as your vinegar of choice for that sweet and savory blend.

The possibilities are endless when cooking with infused olive oils and vinegars. Easily swap out butter or traditional vegetable oil for one of our infused olive oils to bring new life to box recipe cakes, breads, pancakes, toast, roasted vegetables, eggs and so much more. For more recipe ideas, uses, tips and tricks, be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.






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