Caramelized Onion Balsamic Jam


Caramelized Onion Balsamic Jam (spread) is our top selling spread from our sweet and savory line of accompaniments. This delicious jam starts with the slow caramelization of onions to bring out the natural sweetness, blended with boldness of garlic and the tangy sweet of traditional balsamic vinegar. Add in the right amount of herbs and spices, this sweet and savory jam yields the perfect level of flavor.

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Try on burgers, meatloaf, grilled cheese sandwiches, cream cheese, sharp cheese and more! Blend with your favorite balsamic and olive oil for a truly decadent vinaigrette.


Serve over savory crepes, toast. Use as a glaze for meats and fish, or add to your favorite marinade or barbecue sauce. We love this over burgers and warm sandwiches, try on puff pastries and your favorite dishes. The rich onion and bold garlic is both sweet and savory.

carmelized onion balsamic

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