Dipping Oil & Sauce Recipe

Drizzle with 1 Tbsp Traditional Balsamic if desired

Substitute any of our oils for your desired flavor for dipping. Whether its a dessert or a charcuterie with fresh cheeses, we have an oil or vinegar for that!

More Than Just Dipping Oils and Sauce

So you have taken the plunge to adding a dipping sauce to your collection. Now what? You would hate to put on those five pounds you just lost by splurging on bread to enjoy the dipping sauce, so how else can you use our dipping sauces in your cooking regimen? Well our dipping oils and sauce are more than just dipping oils and sauce. Use them as your favorite marinade or a quick dressing. Here are a few ways to bring new life to some of your favorite meals.


If you are being conscious of your calories and watching what you are eating, our dipping oils are a fabulous way to cut out any unnecessary ingredients and garbage. Made with our extra virgin olive oil, vinegar (either our white or balsamic), our blend of spices and seasonings, you have a clean ingredient dressing at your fingertips. Our Tuscan Herb is a favorite to drizzle over roasted summer squash and zucchini, our Parmesan is lovely over fresh pasta, our Tomato Basil is deliciously sweet on a traditional green salad with fresh mozzarella, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and chopped pepperoni. Our Spicy Chili dipping oil is a knock out over fluffed rice with chicken or beef and the Garlic Herb is unspeakable over fresh arugula.


All of our dipping oil and sauces are chock full of our buttery extra virgin olive oil that has a delicious peppery taste, our match blend of seasonings and spices and the right amount of vinegar to deliver the mouth watering ratio of fat and acid in each bite. Because of this magical blend, our dipping oils are easily transformed into a marinade. Choose your protein and choose your oil for a dish that would rival a Michelin chef.

One of our favorite marinades in the Spicy Chili Dipping Sauce. This dipping oil is so versatile for any meat, but we especially love how it transforms beef and chicken. A pro tip: after purchasing your protein from your grocer/butcher and you plan to store in your freezer, take the meat out of the original packaging and place in a Ziploc bag with your marinade. The marinade will freeze with the meat and as it thaws, its terrific for a pre-made marinating time and not worrying about taking up counter space, fridge space, its already in the Ziploc bag and ready to be cooked once thawed.

Dipping oils and sauce have a variety of different uses besides the traditional table serving with bread. While bread is a classic go to and can please any crowd, we love to give additional ideas for your culinary adventures. From week night meals at home, to holiday baking to entertaining with a large crowd, Oviedo Olive Oil can help you use our entire line of products to wow your toughest critics or have your favorite aunt asking the secret to your recipe.


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