Black Hammock Brazilian Pepper Tree


Brazilian Pepper Tree Honey from Black Hammock Farms in Oviedo, Florida. Imported from South America into Florida as an ornamental plant, the bright red berries, clustered white petals of the flower are attractive for bees and the honey harvested has been said to help with seasonal allergies when the bush blooms. Know your beekeeper with this #FreshFromFlorida local farmed, raw and unfiltered honey.

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Grown and bottled locally in Oviedo, Florida on Black Hammock Bee Farms. Pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, raw honey. “The Bee Guy” Dennis saves the bees and cares for them like family.

From the Black Hammock Bee Farm Family:

Not only do we love the bees but we believe in a healthy lifestyle. Honey is a big part of our day to day and we want to provide a superior product for our customers too! Our bees are not sugar fed, meaning the honey they make is only from flowers/plants they visit. We also do not treat our bees with any chemicals. Our honey is always local, raw, unfiltered honey…from the hive to the table!!

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